Mo Sankha

“MoSankha” for Health and Wellness…Live Life Lively, Blow SankhaDaily

Sankha” is called a “Sriyantra” since in Hindu Mythology it is a supreme instrument amongst all instruments. According to scientific studies, it is said that Sankha generates Cosmic Energy which can purify the environment.

We live on Earth which is in Solar Systems, we work on computer systems which is an electronic system & likewise our body is a biological system, In our biological system, there are many systems like respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system and many more and all these systems can work systematically only if they are programmed.

Therefore our body and mind can only work properly if it is rightly programmed which can be done by blowing Sankha regularly at least 3 times a day with proper training which can be mastered by all.

The Sankha is heavenly creation of God as a shell from lively bodies unlike other instruments. Sankhacan be blown only after it is bathed with Tulsi, treated with Chandanashtagandha and then tuned with Mantra in the early rays of the morning sunlight which will be done by Sankhadevotee, Mr.Sanjay Mishra as he has been practicing since 21 years and has found miraculous results which can be propagated for benefits of all mankind.

Now that we are in an era of stressful life, there is an immense need for a holistic self-governance and should be a must for all to live life lively by blowing Sankha daily.

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