Sankha Sathi

Miracle Happened !

I am Engineer by education, Entrepreneur by profession & Change maker by passion. I started blowing ‘Sankha” in 1998, nearly 24 years ago. Before that for nearly 6 years from 1992 to 1998, I was suffering from chronic asthma. Then I went to a Rishi, he used to blow “Sankha” after taking bath every day in the morning, barefooted, he was doing it he was doing it for years. He said, you try this for some days, miracle will happen.

And it truly happened. In 6 to 7 days, I started getting results. Then after 15 days, I got fully cured. My asthma 100% disappeared and now I am fit and fine. I do not do any exercise. I do not go for walk.

Everyone today has lack of time

They don't find time to go for walking. They don't find time to go to gym for exercise. So if you practice only for 3 minutes in a day, you can keep yourself fit and fine for all time. Since 1998 I am blowing & now it became a habit.

As you all know we live in earth which is in solar system. Everything works with a system. Even a vehicle runs as a mechanical system. A computer runs as electronic system. So everything is connected as a system and our body is also a biological system. And all system will work properly if it is programmed.

Now how do you program your body and mind? To program your body and mind “Sankha” is a universal instrument which is a nature created shell and not man made. It is a natural heavenly body which is given by God to program your body and mind.

Blow “Sankha” daily systematically to program your biological system and trust me you will certainly find miraculous results after some time. Please blow “Sankha” daily to Live Life Lively

Sanjay Mishra .

Do you want to change?

Not a question & the answer is always ‘YES’ Everyone wants to change for better Better health & wealth to attain happiness for a change Change your constant whichcan only be achieved by constant practice. Now that you have understood it rightly, let’s understand meaningfully “change” Precisely & profusely the process of a strategic transformation leads to a “change”

What can bring a change

There are many hidden treasure,tool,instruments & the most amazing key discovered is Conch called “Sankha” which can program &energies your body & mind to live life lively by blowing only 3 times in a proper way daily.

My experiment with truth of Sankha to live life lively…

I was suffering from chronic asthma,cough & cold for years during my early 30’s for which my work efficiency was greatly hampered . I tried all types of treatments but all in vain. I was desperate& disheartened since I was not able to find the right remedy to uproot the suffering. After years of regular search & research I got an enlightening & marvelous incredible result when one day during my morning prayer I tried to blow Sankha several times &found miraculous result & from that day I thought to practice Sankha daily to bring a change