Why Sankha?

System never fails, people fail ...

Everything works in a system, we live in earth which is in solar system… Computer is an electronic system…Likewise our body is a biological system rather an integrated biological system.Our body which is integrated with many systems like Nervous system, circulating system,digestive system ,respiratory system &many others. All our system fails when breathing stops. Breathing happen through lungs which should be active for all time. All systems can function properly if it is fueled / energized / programmed regularly. To keep all our systems work systematically we need to energies our biological system regularly everyday for all the vital system to function properly.

”Sankha” is an instrument which generate sound vibration when air in blown out of the lungs. “Sankha” provides the fuel by infusing energy during the process of blowing through the exercise of lungs. During the process of blowing the vital organs and systems get activated. Daily routine practice provides a better health by keeping you activated the whole day and thereby you are able to perform better.

My experiment with truth of Sankha to live life lively…

I was suffering from chronic asthma,cough & cold for years during my early 30’s for which my work efficiency was greatly hampered . I tried all types of treatments but all in vain. I was desperate& disheartened since I was not able to find the right remedy to uproot the suffering. After years of regular search & research I got an enlightening & marvelous incredible result when one day during my morning prayer I tried to blow Sankha several times &found miraculous result & from that day I thought to practice Sankha daily to bring a change

Benefits of blowing “Sankha”

Learn The Art & Science to ” LIVE LIFE LIVELY “

Blowing the Sankha (conch shell) is not just a cultural and religious practice; it also offers various psychological, physiological, and spiritual benefits.

Mind Relaxation

The sound produced by blowing the “Sankha” has a calming effect on the mind.

Stress Reduction

Listening to the sankha sound can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote a sense of relaxation.


Blowing the “Sankha” is believed to purify the surrounding environment.

Respiratory Benefits

The act of blowing the “Sankha” have respiratory benefits by improving lung capacity and increasing oxygen intake.

Enhanced Concentration

Regular practice of blowing the “Sankha” is said to improve concentration and memory retention.

Positive Energy Flow

Blowing a sankha is believed to clear negative energy and promote positive vibrations.

Auspicious Beginnings

The sound of the “Sankha” is used to mark the beginning of auspicious events.

Sound Healing

The unique sound produced by blowing into a conch shell is believed to have therapeutic properties.