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ବଜାଅ ଶଙ୍ଖ ନୀତିଦିନ, ମଧୁମୟ କର ଏ ଜୀବନ

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About Sankha

Divine “Sankha”

Sankha (Sanskrit: शंख, Śaṇkha), also spelled and pronounced as shankh or sankha. Sankha (Sanskrit: शंख, Śaṇkha), also spelled and pronounced as shankh or sankha.The sankha is the shell of a species of large predatory sea snail, Turbinella pyrum, which lives in the Indian Ocean. In the Western world, the shell of this species is known as the “divine conch” or the “sacred chank”. It may also be simply called a “chank” or conch. The more common form of this shell is known as “left-turning” in a religious context, although scientists would call it “dextral”. A very rarely encountered form has reverse coiling which is called “right-turning” in a religious context, but is known as “sinistral” in a scientific context.


Art of selecting, keeping & All about


Choose a Sankha that suits your purpose. They come in various sizes and shapes, so select one that aligns with your preferences

Pratical way to blow sankha (Technique)


Blowing a conch shell, also known as a “shankha,” requires a specific technique to produce the characteristic sound. 

Science for Systematic Programming

Saves the time

Sankha, a natural marine organism, is of interest to various scientific disciplines, including biology, geology, physics, and cultural anthropology.

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About Sankha Guru

The Journey of Sankha Guru

I am Engineer by education, Entrepreneur by profession & Change maker by passion. In my blogs and webinars, I would like to share my observations and experiences which can truly make us smart through adoption of hundreds of different “Smart way” for concerns related to niches like wellness for all times since Health is real wealth

Presently we are in a hard time due to pandemic and on the onset of new normal we are facing numerous challenges which have led to a state of desperation which needs to be addressed. Therefore, I have focused on the most pertinent challenge of how to prevent & protect ourselves from Covid and other unwanted new strains of viruses and also to energies our body to be fit & fine. But before we know about the skillset, we have to change our mindset to bring a change in the present system.

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